WIDIA | Turning | Victory | High-Temp Turning

WIDIA™ Victory™ High-Temp Turning

With three geometries and three grades, WIDIA Victory has a complete portfolio for high-temp turning applications in nickel-based (INCONEL®, Udimet®, Rene), cobalt-based (Haynes®), and Fe-based (Airmet 100) materials, as well as difficult-to-machine stainless (460SS, duplex, high-alloy stainless), cobalt-chrome, and stainless-based powdered metals. These materials are commonly found in rings, housings, hubs, compressors, fans, rotors and medical devices.

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WIDIA | Turning | VariTurn

WIDIA™ VariTurn™

Formerly known as WIDIA Value, the WIDIA VariTurn platform offers high-performance inserts with versatility. With eight grades and eight geometries, VariTurn covers 80% of all turning applications. Every insert is gold, which exposes wear as the tool continues to be used. This makes it easy to detect when an insert is ready to be changed, maximising the product’s value and protecting the workpiece. Also, because WIDIA VariTurn inserts can be used in most applications, a single insert can take on any number of tasks, thus reducing inventory. WIDIA VariTurn products are reliable enough to cut steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys, enabling quick changes in workpiece materials without the need to swap inserts, saving time and money.

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