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WIDIA™ WMT™ System

The WMT platform is the economical and reliable option for all grooving, face grooving, cut-off, turning, and profiling applications. The WMT system ensures precise insert positioning and provides only the most accurate machining, with exceptionally fast cycle times and superior performance.

The WMT portfolio offers:

  • Proven higher stability.
    • WMT insert design has the best clamping system for stability.
  • Platform flexibility, with multiple geometries in single holder for multiple application types.
  • Victory™ grades:
    • WU10HT™ — Uncoated
    • WU10PT, WU25PT — PVD
    • WP10CT, WP25CT — CVD
  • Greater depth-of-cut (DOC) capability.
  • Specifically designed to increase speeds and feeds.
  • Excellent geometry for even the most demanding deep grooving applications.
  • The WMT system enables heavy stock removal in turning applications.
  • Ensures finer surface finishes and a long, reliable tool life.
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